preface: in the sanctuary of the soul

The Covenant

One eagle soars over wind-tossed tree tops. A slow, steady rain drips from the Studio gutter onto an empty cedar bench. Birdsong prevails as they circle dry places. A lone silver fox stops on its trek to somewhere and stares at me. We lock gazes. He moves on; I stay. The cedar bench remains empty yet my eyes are full for they have been walked upon.

The day I wrote this poem in my Studio I had just completed work on the latest (this was in 2010) of my images for these PhotoJournal Chronicles, which you are reading now. The lone silver fox presented a mirror image of myself … silver-tinged hair, solitary in my existence, and content in the “sanctuary of my soul.”  It was not happenstance that he crossed my path that day. We communicated when we locked gazes and I believe he was my muse for these Chronicles.

I love my work – the job that has been given me to do by God: to create, to share, to celebrate the mysteries and miracles that abound in His world. This is my Covenant with the Lord. I have vowed to handle the quantity of work He inspires me to do, and He will provide the quality. The images may be as small as a frail petal, a brittle twig,  or as grand and boisterous as the ocean’s roar or a cloud formation readying for a storm. God has guided me to present beauty and haunting mystery in many of my images so that the viewer is stirred deep within their own inner sanctuary, offering solace (if needed) and a respite from the  world’s stimulus, busyness, and as Thomas Merton called it, “the violence of our times.”

I still write by hand. These chronicles are drafted with fountain pen on paper. The sound of the pen on paper making its strokes, curves and angles is a form of meditation for me. Though the mixed blessing of technology enables me to bring these writings and images to you, these “chronicles” in their roots are a “hand crafted”  presentation … the writing and, of course, the images.

Within two days of this writing, I begin another journey up the coast of Maine to spend time in Acadia National Park, Schoodic Point, Southwest Harbor, and whatever other jewels of discovery present themselves. I leave the sacred space of my Studio where the love and labor of this year’s photographic work for By Land and Sea, and other projects thus far, reside on the “viewing” wall.  Only fifteen images remain after 2,500 photos were taken.

The Studio Wall

Please, stay with me for awhile, have a cup of tea, and join me as I share my journeys in and around known and unknown places. Or, revisit periodically when you have more time. I hope you enjoy my music in words and images. These are my gifts to you …

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4 thoughts on “preface: in the sanctuary of the soul

  1. Congratulations, Lee Anne! Looking forward to seeing and reading more. The site looks great, and your work is beautiful.

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