gifts of thanks

April 3, 2010

Yesterday morning, before dawn, I loaded my camera bag with all its lenses so that I would have every contingent covered for my mission. My plan was to walk to the farthest points of the Island on each side to capture images of what I had seen days before.

I walked quite a distance along the shore waiting for the sun to be in position behind me for what I envisioned. Since for me it was Good Friday, I had also made a commitment to God, and myself, that I would make a ‘gift of thanks’ for the Great Sacrifice.

The pieces of wood I sought were there and waiting.

"Beach Wood" © 2010
"Washed Ashore No. 2" © 2010

Finally, branches of color, some of the first small flowers to bloom throughout the Island, presented themselves on my path home.

"Vows Renewed" © 2010

I gave gratitude in the only way I could while on this Island: by creating new work. In the Zen tradition, I made a low, gentle bow to each piece of wood and flower I photographed and in so doing honored God’s great Universe and the grace bestowed upon me.


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