Through The Eyes of My Heart

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…

                                                                                               Ephesians 1:18


Rose & Vase Shadow     ©️ 2019     Lee Anne Morgan

In my art and writing crafts, I try to see Creation through the eyes-of-my-heart: Changing seasons, wondrous varieties of wildlife, patterns of rainstorm clouds, blustering snow blizzards, and so much more. However, I learned a while ago that it’s not me who really sees. I began listening for the still small voice within to see through God’s eyes-of-the-heart. While not always easy, it is worth slowing my life’s pace to wait and listen. He, most assuredly, offers subjects-of-glory in the majesty of His abundant works. You may or may not agree with me and you don’t have to. I must ask, though, that for those days when the sky is so blue and the green so green and the air so clear and the mountain peaks appear painted on the horizon as on a master’s canvas, who but the Great Artist and Author could create such perfection and take unabashed joy in showing it off?

Rose on Black     ©️ 2019     Lee Anne Morgan

Yet this ‘seeing’ of the stunning and subtle beauty of Creation also includes witnessing sadness, pain, and suffering in our world.  Some of these puzzles live on the edge of God’s mystery. Nonetheless, wanting the world as we would have it, not as it is, creates divisiveness, anger, and bondage to fear, anxiety, sickness, resentment. So, let me not judge or discard anyone’s heart, opinion, preference, but, rather, see their truth and love them through the eyes-of-my-heart. Based on my own life experiences observing the contrasts between serenity and unrest, tragedy and joy, loss and gain, I  can still attest to this: Count it all blessings. This is a hard statement to embrace, I know. But, we are strengthened through trials. I journey inward to rest in contentment and laughter, thankfulness and humility, and these finer feelings wrap me in hope. Wholly surrendering my life to God in faith, trust, and belief lies in yearning to finish this mere breath of time with deep, unshakeable peace and love for all that has happened, will happen and to call it all joy—this precious life.


A Time to Mourn & A Time to Dance

I am pleased to report that A Time to Mourn & A Time to Dance is showing a steady rhythmic pace in sales. The book has been accepted in several key libraries in our region as well as a few independent bookstores. I’ve been doing radio interviews as well as talks and book signings over the summer. More are in the works for fall and winter.

You can help, though!

I am grateful for each paperback and E-book sale. If you haven’t considered the book yet, please go to to either purchase this small volume, or if you have purchased the book through a book signing, please, please give thought to writing a short review. Actually, the link provided above takes you to Customer Reviews. Scroll back up and you will see both versions of the book for sale.

Thank you for your loyalty and the many kindhearted, generous comments I have personally received. They gladden my heart and inspire me to continue writing and creating images as the Spirit moves me.

May I always see and proclaim the Amen moments!

In God’s Abundant Love & Grace,

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