Wisdom — A 12 Month Odyssey

January 2016

While January is the dawn of a New Year, my ‘new year’ began last May when I reached a crucial fork in the road: I chose a path upon which I never intended to walk. Yet, I did.

Since then, my life has changed remarkably: there is an inner peace I have never known; a greater love of, and commitment to, all God’s creation and His Word — concepts I flirted with, yet wavered back and forth on for sixty years. There are the humbling experiences of being renewed from the inside to the outer person people see, as the Lord sands and refines my heart and mind — processes that will continue to my last exhale. Oh yes, I have been ‘born again’: my heart is full of love and a joy for which there are no words.

Most assuredly there are trials: hills to climb; valleys I unwittingly fall into; and the so-very-human battle of whether I permit my emotions, ego, arrogance determine the state and peace of my soul…or look to Him for liberation from these attitudes, behaviors — enslavements all. I choose the latter. In so doing, my service to the Lord is to love Him first and foremost above all others: to love my neighbors—all peoples, as myself, and to continue deepening a compassion that thrives in my heart and spirit for all beings. This is who Jesus was And Is. Love, patience, and compassion are what He taught.

This image was taken on a warm January afternoon; even parts of the River and shoreline were opaque. There was beauty to behold, though, and a time to pause for anyone who stopped long enough to ponder and see the wonders of His Work.

Wisdom's Hand ©2016 Lee Anne Morgan
Wisdom’s Hand    ©2016    Lee Anne Morgan

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Scripture Reading

Proverbs 3: 13, 18-20

13  You’re blessed when you meet Lady Wisdom, when you make friends with Madame Insight.

18  She’s the very Tree of Life to those who embrace her. Hold her tight — and be blessed!

19  With Lady Wisdom, God formed Earth; with Madame Insight, he raised Heaven.

20  They knew when to signal rivers and springs to the surface, and dew to descend from the night skies.

~Eugene H. Peterson, The Message


I send abundant prayers and blessings to each of you.

In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen!

LAM 1st Name:Sm


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